About Elk & Earth

Elk and Earth is an Australian-owned and operated business providing a range of high quality, beautiful homewares, including our signature range of handmade 100% Merino wool products such as luxurious felt rugs and cushions, garlands, necklaces, bowls and more. Our goal is to bring an impressive level of design and a highly unique style into the homes of our customers in Australia and worldwide.
We are one of the largest Australian-based designers and importers of felt products, providing our customers with impeccably made, hand-crafted products from our team in Nepal. We only engage in fair-trade practices and are proud to be helping the Nepalese community through much-needed ongoing employment, while also bringing you the best in contemporary design.
Our customers want authentic products made from natural fibres and textiles that reflect a more sustainable existence. Our products are not mass produced in factories, they are carefully crafted in communal spaces (homes, halls, even outdoors) by mothers, daughters, sisters, cousins and friends over a chat and a laugh. Each piece is unique!
We believe in the power of functional, beautiful design and its ability to positively influence people's life. We believe when you surround yourself with great design, your heart and soul feel better for it. It's inspiring to live in an beautiful environment.
We hope you enjoy our beautiful products as much as we do!




Why do our customers love our handmade felt products?


  • Traditional methods - contemporary designs
  • Natural fibres - super soft to the touch
  • Excellent quality
  • Eco-friendly - fair trade
  • Unique Australian designs
  • Handmade work
  • Quality guaranteed
  • Value for your money
  • Supporting communities in need